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Let's protect your rights throughout the process with the IT Lawyer. As Tekcan Hukuk, we are with you with our expert IT Lawyer staff.
The best lawyer is the lawyer you believe is the best for you.

What are our IT Law Services?

  • Following the latest developments in the field of IT law,
  • Providing specific legal solutions in the field of Information Technologies,
  • Licensing, protection of intellectual property rights, tracking of transactions within the scope of registration and registration,
  • Providing consultancy service for internet content provider and location provider,
  • Providing legal consultancy services for companies selling goods and services over the Internet and preparing the legal infrastructure,
  • Tracking and prevention of violations caused by the internet,
  • Preparation of electronic contracts,
  • Resolving copyright disputes related to computer programs and broadcasts over the internet,
  • Providing legal support in the proceedings regarding IT crimes.
  • IT crimes and ICT crimes
  • Personality rights on social networks and the Internet
  • Internet banking practices and disputes
  • Domain mismatches
  • Web access blocking
  • Protection of personal data
  • Internet copyright
  • Unfair competition on the Internet
  • Protecting the brand on the Internet
  • Electronic commerce law
  • Consumer rights on the Internet

IT Lawyer Contact

You can reach the Tekcan Law and Law Firm, which continues its studies in Bakırköy, Istanbul, and our Istanbul IT law lawyer staff on our Contact page.

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