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The third book of the Civil Code is about inheritance law. The right to inheritance is a constitutional right and it is based on Article 35 of our Constitution. According to the Civil Code, personality ends in death. However, with the death, the rights and obligations of the person do not end. The law that regulates this situation is inheritance law. There are two kinds of heirs in inheritance law. One of them is the legal heir of the inheritor and the other is the heir appointed by the inheritor. The legal inheritor is the heir who is the heir of the inheritor due to the blood connection and who is entitled to receive a share from the estate, and the appointed heir is the people who the inheritor assigned to him as a heir by organizing a will. If the inheritor has not made any savings in his health about how to share his inheritance, it is shared according to the regulation in the inheritance law. Inheritance Law has adopted the clan system. Accordingly, according to the system, the zones are numbered according to their priorities and if there is no one in the priority zone, it is passed to the next one. 1st Division Inheritors: The first-degree heirs of the inheritor are subordinates. 2nd Group Inheritors: If the inheritor does not have a subordinate, then his mother and father become his heirs. 3rd Group Inheritors: If the inheritor does not have a sub-game, and his parents die before him without leaving the bottom line, heirs will be grandparents. If the grandmother and grandfather die before the inheritor, all kinds of subsets (such as the inheritor's aunt / aunt) can be the heir. Inheritance lawyer deals with many cases of inheritance law. These cases;
  • Deed cancellation case
  • Tenkis case
  • Denial of inheritance
  • The case for the dissolution of the partnership
  • Muris case trial
  • It is possible to count as the annulment case of the inheritance document.
Inheritance attorney Av. Besides, Melda Merve Tekcan pursues legal counseling and litigation in the issuance, revocation, drafting of a heritage contract, a draft agreement until the death, and review of the will.

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