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Company Law Attorney Melda Merve TEKCAN and Tekcan Hukuk are fully on the side of their clients in the process of performing corporate law transactions, establishing a healthy legal infrastructure for companies, providing legal support in company establishment, decision making and implementation processes. In addition, as a merger and acquisitions lawyer, it is at the service of our corporate clients with the merger and acquisition transactions and the arrangement, examination and corporate legal consultancy services of all kinds of commercial contracts. Hunting. Melda Merve TEKCAN Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, foreign company branch organization, liaison office establishment, free company establishment and company establishment processes from A to Z. Apart from this, the purpose of establishment is also found in non-commercial association establishment and foundation establishment transactions. Melda Merve TEKCAN is actively working.

Our General Services

  • General assembly meetings
  • Commercial Law Consultancy
  • Company establishment and preparation of the main contract
  • Capital Increases and Discounts
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Establishing liaison offices
  • Establishment of National and Foreign Companies
  • Turkey's Istanbul branch of the establishment of foreign companies

Commercial and Corporate Lawyer Attorney Services

  • Customs lawsuits
  • Prevention of unfair competition in imports
  • Lawsuits arising from the Law on the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency
  • Application to international arbitration ways and resolution of problems through arbitration
  • Solution of cases arising from international commercial contracts in competent courts
  • Buying and selling of commercial companies
  • Share transfer transactions, company transfer and mergers
  • Partnership agreements
  • Precious paper law
  • Risk Capital
  • Capital Markets
  • Credit contracts
  • Leasing contracts

Company and Trade Attorney Consulting Services

  • Unfair competition
  • Company management
  • International distributorship agreements
  • Concession, franchise, agency contracts
  • Loan agreements
  • Consumer protection
  • Capital increases and decreases
  • Transactions related to stocks and bonds
  • Overseas receivable tracking
  • Foreign investment consultancy
  • Customs procedures
  • Auditing export collections
  • Importing transactions
  • Preparation of contracts in the desired language
  • Controls and regulations on Transit Trade and Standardization
  • Dispute resolution in free zones
  • Preparation, supervision and interpretation of international contracts
  • Translation of foreign language contracts in accordance with legal technique

Company Law Attorney Contact

You can reach the Tekcan Law and Law Firm, which continues its activities in Bakırköy, Istanbul, and our Istanbul corporate law lawyer staff on our Contact page.

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