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Let's protect your rights during the process together with the Real Estate Lawyer. We are with you as Tekcan Hukuk with our expert Real Estate Lawyer staff. The best lawyer is the lawyer you believe is the best for you.

What are our Real Estate Lawyer Services?

  • Preparation of construction contracts against floors,
  • Deed establishment, cancellation, registration cases and follow-up,
  • Mortgage facility, tracking the mortgage conversion,
  • Right of usufruct, right of way, resolution of disputes regarding privileged personal rights,
  • Building cooperative management and transactions,
  • Licensing and zoning status determination services,
  • Contracts for contracting, procurement, subcontracting and similar construction services,
  • Condominium and easement setup,
  • Pre-sale and lease contracts,
  • Management plan implementations and annotation to title deed
  • Land Registry Lawyer
  • Real Estate Lawyer
  • Real Estate Sales Promise Agreement
  • Land Registry Case
  • Deed Cancellation Case
  • Deed Registration and Cancellation Case

Real Estate Lawyer Contact

You can reach the Tekcan Law and Law Firm, which continues to work in Bakırköy, Istanbul, and our Istanbul real estate law lawyer staff on our Contact page.

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