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The reasons causing the debt relationship in the Code of Obligations; contracts are categorized under four headings: unfair acts, unjust enrichment and unproductive business. Mutual transactions between two or more people for a specific purpose are called contracts. The branch of law that deals with contracts is called contract law. The basic features of the contracts such as content, form, purpose, validity conditions and elements are regulated in the general provisions section of the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098. In the special provisions section of the Turkish Code of Obligations, the most common types of contracts in practice are discussed separately. You can examine many types of contracts in detail in the special provisions section such as sales contract, swap contract, donation contract, service contract, loan contract, construction contract against floor, lease contract, work contract, power of attorney contract.

Conditions of Validity of the Contract

Contract law is defined in Article 1 of the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098. The contract is established by the mutual and mutual disclosure of the will of both parties. The will statement can be either explicit or implicit. The validity of the contracts does not, as a rule, depend on any form. As can be done in written form, a contract is established with the verbal agreement of the will. It is more favorable to do it in writing for ease of proof. However, if a figure is specified in the law, compliance with this figure is the validity condition of the contract. Contracts established without complying with the prescribed form do not constitute a provision, they are invalid. If the contract is decided to be made in writing, it is imperative that the parties sign the contract. The signature can be either handwritten or secure electronic signature. Contracts law is defined as the branch of law that includes every phenomenon regarding contracts made. In this concept, which gains importance in establishing and maintaining the legal relationship between the parties, the debts, rights and sources of debt of the parties are regulated. Contract law has become more and more important every day. People who previously accepted the promissory note as a promissory note and did not sign a written contract, have now begun to make written contracts based on their experience and the cases they have heard. Therefore, the contract texts should be prepared by experts. As a successful Contract Lawyer Av. Melda Merve TEKCAN meets the requests of her clients with consultancy and litigation services while issuing the contracts between the parties.

Our Litigation Services

  • Partnership contracts cases
  • Real estate contracts lawsuits
  • Architectural contracts cases
  • Copyright contracts cases
  • Lease contract cases
  • Consulting contracts cases
  • Service contracts cases
  • Share transfer contracts lawsuits
  • Financial lease contracts lawsuits
  • Trading contracts cases
  • Contract cases between partners
  • Insurance contracts cases
  • License agreements cases
  • Buy / sell contract cases
  • Credit contract cases
  • İş sözleşmeleri davaları
Consultancy services
  • Project financing contracts
  • Real estate development contracts
  • Real estate management contracts
  • Construction contracts (fidic based)
  • Architecture contracts
  • Agency contracts
  • Dealership contracts
  • Management consulting and service contracts
  • Copyright agreements
  • Lease contracts
  • Consulting contracts
  • Service contracts
  • Share transfer contracts
  • Inter-partner contracts
  • Trading contracts
  • Business contracts
  • Credit contracts
  • License agreements
  • Insurance contracts

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