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Let's protect your rights throughout the process with the Citizenship Rights Lawyer. Together with our expert Citizenship Law Attorney staff, we are with you as Tekcan Hukuk. The best lawyer is the lawyer you believe is the best for you.

Our services

  • Follow-up of the receipt of work permits of foreigners in Turkey and extension process and finalization
  • Foreign natural and preparation of the contract for leasing of real estate properties with the pursuit of legal persons trading in Turkey
  • making and monitoring of foreigners' residence permit application in Turkey
  • Transition and follow-up of foreigners to Turkish citizenship
  • The protection of the rights by the administration of consulting services relating to inheritance law, foreign real persons in Turkey

Rights Available to Foreigners

  • Travel - Residence Rights and Freedom,
  • Right to Contract,
  • Freedom of the Press,
  • Freedom of Association and Membership,
  • Person Immunity,
  • Work of Foreigners in Turkey,
  • Work Permit,
  • Benefiting from Health Services,
  • Work Permits and Rights of Turkish Noble Foreigners,
  • The Right To Become A Partner In A Company With A Foreign Capital,
  • Social Security Rights of Foreigners,
  • Education Rights and Freedom,
  • Right to Obtain Real Estate,
  • Right to Inheritance

Citizenship Lawyer Contact

You can reach the Tekcan Law and Law Firm, which continues to work in Bakırköy, Istanbul, and our Istanbul citizenship law lawyer staff on our Contact page.

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