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The products of the individuals' intellectual works have an economic meaning in terms of their assets and also have spiritual interests on these products. Unauthorized use of a trademark element or patent, selling unauthorized copies of a product, or, more generally, violating the intellectual property rights of the pirated products. Applying for effective legal protection against such violations of rights is extremely important both for financial and moral implications for the rights holder. Our law has linked two different consequences to such violations of rights, such as compensation law and criminal law, and it seems that the effective use of both areas of law is important for achieving desired outcomes. Given the serious consequences of these lawsuits, people who have faced such a claim should also benefit from effective legal assistance, despite the fact that they have been unfairly raped of intellectual products. Within the scope of our legal services offered by our Intellectual Property Department, all kinds of lawsuits related to intellectual property rights and related unfair competitive situations, especially trademarks, patents, designs and copyrights are included. Although the main cases within this scope are listed below, the types of cases we follow are not limited to these;

Intellectual Property Litigation matters

  • Ref rape cases of rape
  • Denial of rape cases
  • Detection of rape cases
  • Identification cases of the author
  • Material compensation cases in case of violation of moral rights
  • In case of rape of moral rights, moral compensation cases
  • In case of violation of personal interests, moral damages
  • Material and moral damages lawsuits in case of violation of material rights
  • Criminal cases that may be opened in case of violation of financial and moral rights
  • Providing consultancy services on the selection, usability and registration of brands, patents, utility models and designs,
  • Examination of old registrations and registration requests,
  • Trademark and patent law general litigation and consultancy,
  • Providing legal support in the protection and infringement processes of the trademark, patent, copyright, designs and utility model,
  • Discussion and arrangement of purchase, sale and transfer contracts regarding trademark and patent rights, utility models and design rights,
  • Providing legal advice on unfair competition law,
  • Providing legal advice regarding internet law (consultancy, arrangement of contracts, registration and transfer of domain names, etc.),
  • Application in national and international area and renewal of registrations,
  • It is the representation of clients in any objection and cancellation process.

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